Term of service

When you order Furry ID from me you agree to these ToS.

Icons and informations

  • Icon you provide must be yours. If you stole it you take full responsibility with any legal action

  • I am not taking NSFW icons

  • I take right to reject the informations you have chosen on Furry ID if it is against the law. Same come to some NSFW content.


  • Accepted payment method is paypal and bank transfer

  • I only accept payments in EUR, CZK and USD

  • Furry ID must be paid before priting phaze


  • Refunds are only possible before card is send to print

  • Only 30% of price is send back if you refund after design is made for you


  • We can agree on personal meeting but prefered method is sending by letter

  • Postage must be paid together with the Furry ID payment

GDPR and advertisement

  • By buying a product from me you agree to give me a rights to use it for advertisement in any form and show your personal information which are on your product